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About Us

In the 20th Chinese Communist Party Congree report, President Xi Jin Ping speech in HKSAR on 1-7-2022 and HKSAR Chief Executive Policy Address 2022 .The future direction of policy drive towards closer integration into the national development plan, fostering greater development impetus and enhanced development of life science were mapped out. In response, members of The Life Science field in HKSAR proposed the formation of a non profit organization to collect and consolidate the views of industry, researchers and academics for the consideration of GBA governments at various levels to facilitate policy formation, industry development and global exchange .

Think Tank plans to organize visits, meetings and conferences to realize our aims and any interested party is welcomed to participate in our activities, provide us with their views and join our work to collectively contribute to Greater Bay Area Science and Technology Innovation.


​ Organization Member List

榮譽顧問 Honorary Consultant

倪明選教授 Prof. Lionel NI

林志秀教授 Prof. Zhixiu LIN


Honorary GBA Affairs Consultant

葉澤恩先生 Mr. Raymond YIP


Honorary GBA Medical Affairs Consultants

周伯展醫生 Dr. CHOW Pak Chin


Honorary Life Science Consultant Panel

于常海教授 Prof. Albert YU Cheung Hoi

貝錦新教授 Prof. Jin-Xin BEI


Honorary Business Consultant Panel

馮國佑 FUNG Kwok Yau

執行委員會 Executive Committee

主席 Chairman

秘書長 Secretary General

副秘書長 Deputy Secretary General

司庫 Treasurer

委員 Committee Members

委員會召集人 Committee Convenor




劉信通醫生 Dr. Ben LAU

蕭英傑 Eric SIU

鄧哲平 Jake TANG

李震鋒 Derek LI

蔡文健 Leo CHOI

毛家亮醫生 Dr. Stephen MO

周榮新醫生 Dr. CHOW Wing Sun

蔡國俊 Stephen TSOI

林偉業 William LAM

麥懿睿 Eleanor MAK

巫美玟 Phoebe MO


GBA Medical Development Committee

劉信通醫生 Dr. LAU Shun Tung Benjamin M.H.


Integrated Medicine and Chinese Medicine Development Committee

毛家亮醫生 Dr. Stephen MO


Life Science Start Up Development Committee

林偉業 William LAM


Global Life Science Exchange Committee

劉信通醫生 Dr. LAU Shun Tung Benjamin M.H.


Life Science and Finance Support Service Development Committee

劉信通醫生 Dr. LAU Shun Tung Benjamin M.H.

資產 5.png

Emblem Design Idea

The incomplete circle forming the external edge,denotes Greater Bay Area. The circle has no top as Science has no theoretical limit .The Chinese character "科" has integrated the alphabet "T" in its layout, signifies fusion of Eastern and Western civilization in Science for the benefit of human advancement and construction of Community with a Shared Future for mankind.

Our Aim

Foster Hong Kong Life Science field knowledge of Greater Bay Area


Foster Hong Kong Life Science field participation and development in Greater Bay Area


Foster Global Life Science field exchange and partnership with Hong Kong Life Science field

Foster integration of Medical service and improvement of quality in Greater Bay Area


Foster Greater Bay Area Medical Service and Life Science field exchange and partnership with Hainan Free Trade Zone.


Foster development of Hong Kong Medical Service and Life Science field through formation and development of a tripartite exchange platform between industry,research and academics and interface with government

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